How to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Issues such as sustainability, climate change, and wildlife conservation are hot topics in today’s media. The reason for that is because they are so important! Without looking after our planet, we may not have a planet to live on soon. So, read on for our ten top tips on how you can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Be Fashion Conscious

The growing trend (pun intended!) in the contemporary fashion market is for clothing that can be sustainably sourced and produced. This might include t-shirts made from recycled or certified organic cotton, skate shoes designed and constructed in a way that doesn’t exploit either the environment or the workers, or leather jackets made using the hides of sustainable, organically-reared cows.

reduce, Re-use, Recycle

If you re-use unwanted products in another way, this will automatically reduce your need to purchase new things and add to the wasteful situation in which we find ourselves. Recycling products such as aluminium cans, newspapers, and glass bottles means that the materials can be used again without exploiting more natural resources.


Most electronic devices still draw some power, even when they’re switched off or on standby. So, to reduce your electricity consumption as much as possible, unplug your devices when you’re not using them.

Use Daylight

Sunlight doesn’t cost you anything and is available for most of the time you’re likely to be awake. Keeping drapes and blinds open means that you’ll be reducing your use of fossil fuels, and you’ll save money on electricity and bulbs too.

reduce Plastic

It takes millions of years for plastic to biodegrade, and there are now huge swathes of plastic smothering our oceans, causing catastrophic impacts on marine life. Every little helps; so, stop using single-use bags when you get your groceries and invest in a reusable water bottle instead of buying new ones all the time.

Take a Break

The term ‘eco-Sabbath’ is gaining popularity. This is the idea of having a day without causing any harm to the environment. No machines being turned on, no vehicles used, no phones answered, nothing being bought. It might seem impossible, but there are lots of other ways to fill your time. Having one day a week as an eco-Sabbath should theoretically reduce your carbon footprint by 14.3%. If it’s unmanageable to go for a whole day, just four hours a week would still cut your contribution to carbon emissions by 2.4% each year.

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